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The area of the ponds

A system of ponds, consisting of the Big Pond, the Round and the Long Warm Ponds, and the Ice Pond, was created in the Iserbach Valley at the foot of the castle hill. Nothing is known about their original use or origin. They certainly supplied fish and watercress to the nobility, but may equally have served as hammerponds for Obermühle in times of feeble water supply. At wintertime around the turn of the century, skaters and non-skaters alike would celebrate magnificient ice festivals on the Big Pond, with paper laterns, music and hot sausages, whereas in the summer rowing boats were popular.

Over the years nature has reclaimed this hideaway. The Big Pond, fed from the Weihermühle mill-run, is a paradise for many kinds of birds and insects.
The Warm Ponds lie embedded among dense trees in the Iserbach Valley. The Ice Pond on the other side of the road with its extensive bird life has become an attraction for nature enthusiasts. Close to the brewery, in a protected site, you can often see the "flying jewel", the kingfisher. The Warm Ponds, spring-fed from an intricate underground karst aquifer unique to Braunfels, do not freeze, so the kingfisher may be seen even in severe winters.

Why not take a walk through the pondlands area and enjoy the quiet enchantment of the landscape?

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