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Guided tours on the Braunfels herbal trail

If you are a plant enthusiast, you will be keen to explore the "Otto von Brunfels Kräuterpfad", a herbal trail marked with texts and illustrations based on 16th century originals. Visitors with a knowledge of German may be intrigued by the language of Shakespeare's German contemporaries.
Individual markers are placed with herb species as they change during the year.
The main section of the trail runs along below the Marstall (the Old Stables) wall with access from "In den Anlagen" avenue (parking at the foot of the castle walls) and Jahnstrasse (parking Jahnplatz).

Based on his work creating the "Kräuterpfad" (herbal trail), Wolfgang Gerster published the book
"Kräuterwissen - einst und jetzt" ("Knowing herbs - then and now", Verlag Quelle & Meyer, July 2011).
For further information:
The book is available in any bookshop or the tourist office. It can also be acquired directly from the author.
€ 14,95


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